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General questions

What is the cost of living in Spain for a year?

The minimum necessary quantity for living in Salamanca for a whole year would be slightly less than 7000€. 25% less than in cities such as Madrid and Barcelona and 15% less than in cities like Seville, Murcia and Zaragoza. If you wish to rent accommodation alone, this figure would increase by around 2000€.

When does the academic year start in Spanish universities? 

University teaching generally starts for the academic year at the end of September. 



Does the Ministry of Education or S4F manage the obtaining of visas?

Neither the Ministry of Education nor S4F – Spanish for Foreigners – intervene at any point in the visa granting procedure. For all questions related to visas please go to the corresponding Spanish Consulate.

Questions about academic courses

In what language are the classes at the University of Salamanca taught?

All classes are taught in Spanish, including at beginner level. This is the only way to achieve maximum improvement in a short space of time. Only the subjects which the student chooses voluntarily will be taught in English.

Are all classes guaranteed regardless of the number of students attending?

Yes, all courses are guaranteed. In the case that a specific subject cannot be taught, S4F along with the student will agree a change to a similar one.

Do I have to attend all classes in order to receive my certificate?

The student must attend 85% of classes. Attendance is monitored daily. Unjustified absences are not permitted except in very rare cases.

How is the level I should be at decided?

On the first day all students arriving at the university take a placement test and are put into a level according to their result.

What would happen if the course level isn’t right for me?

Normally, the pupil will spend two days in the level they have been assigned to once they have done the test. If in these two days they adapt correctly they will continue at that level. If not, the pupil will move up or down in level. 

Questions about payment method and registration 

What is the payment method for the course? 

The payment method for the contracted services will be reported to the students at the time of enrolment.

When do I have to pay the total cost of the course?

The payment instalments are indicated for each course and vary depending on the programme chosen.

Will you refund my booking fee if I cancel? 

Yes, if your point of cancellation is more than 30 days before the course start date. If not, consult general conditions.

How can I enrol on the course?

Through the enrolment form which is found on our website.

By fax (0034 923 28 28 91) sending all the details from our enrolment form on our website.

By post sending all the details from our enrolment form to the S4F address: Avenida Portugal, 18 1oA. 37004 Salamanca. 

Do I have to send a deposit with the enrolment?

As soon as S4F receives your enrolment form with the type of course and accommodation requested, we will send you a confirmation letter. In this letter they payment of a minimum deposit will be requested. You will need to send us, by email or fax, proof of payment of the deposit in order for your reservation to take effect.

Questions about accommodation

What accommodation options do the academic programmes include?

The S4F – Spanish for Foreigners – programmes include the family option with a shared room and full board and the student residence option, also with a shared room and full board. If you would like other alternatives, we adapt to your needs. Consult our accommodation options and we’ll give you a quote.