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You’ve heard about flamenco and Bulls, right? Well there’s a lot more to discover about the festivals of our country. Do you want to know more about them?



The Wise Men

On the night of the 5th of January the Epiphany parade arrives in our country in which Melchior, Gaspar and Balthasar capture the imaginations of children and the elderly alike in the main cities of our country. 







It’s a festival full of colour and costumes where each person can become anything they want. The best destinations in our country in which to enjoy this festival are Santa Cruz in Tenerife, Cádiz and Sitges







Las Fallas de San José

The city of Valencia becomes a huge scene of parties and art, with enormous quantities of the most incredible fireworks.






The April festival

In the city of Seville a week full of singing and dancing is enjoyed with around 1000 ‘casetas’, where wine from Jerez is drunk, as well as other delicious brews from the area, which in reality lead to a delirium which is enjoyed by the smallest children through to the elderly.





ssHoly week

Across the whole of Spain, this is celebrated on different dates each year. It’s the annual celebration in which Christians commemorate the passion, death and resurrection of Jesus. It’s a period of intense liturgical activity within the various Christian denominations.  









sanisidroSan Isidro 

These are the festivals most typical of Madrid (the capital of Spain). On these dates some of the year’s most significant bullfights are celebrated.






rocioEl Rocío

Huelva celebrates a procession in the village of the same name where the ‘Virgen del Rocío’ is worshipped. The crowds come in traditional and simple decorated carts, and dressed in the most authentic kind of flamenco attire, not only from the local area, but also from much further afield, on foot, by horse, or by cart. A unique spectacle is celebrated, where folklore and joy mix with religion in a curious and colourful combination.





Los Sanfermines

The festivals of Pamplona are celebrated between the 6 and 14 July in honour of Saint Fermín. During this festival, religious and secular ceremonies coexist in harmony, official acts with the popular bustle, the cult of the bull with wine and singing.






Held in Buñol (near Valencia), it’s the biggest tomato fight in the world, with more than 40,000 people and 100 barrels of tomatoes. These figures indicate the size of the event, in which, for an hour, everything which moves is bombarded with tomatoes.



September (Salamanca)

caseta el javiFor a week in Salamanca everyone dons their party clothes and enjoys many activities. The bullfights, the ‘casetas’, and the concerts are 3 of its main attractions. The ‘casetas’ mean that the festival takes place in the streets, and they are the most successful event where the most people gather during the festival.







Fiesta del Pilar

From the 8 to 16 October in Zaragoza more than 890 concerts, shows, dances and entertainment await you in the Aragonese capital.







December. Christmas!