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We can offer you the perfect pairing, a trip with your family
and the possibility of improving your Spanish!!

Our family programmes combine Spanish courses for adults and children to make thestay of the whole family in Spain more enjoyable.

These programmes aim at:

  •  Whole families: parents + child/children.
  •  Father/mother: travelling for work on their own accompanied by their children.

The objective is to enjoy your holidays with your family while you learn Spanish at the same time.
Our programmes are designed so that youtake your Spanish lessons whilst you enjoy a number of cultural and sports activities. At the end of the lessons the parents will be able to practice with their children what they have learned at school and to enjoydifferent leisure activities. We can provide you with a wide range of socio-cultural activities. We offer part-time or full-time activities at weekends.
Some of the activities are:

  •  Guided visits around the old town
  •  Visits to museums
  •  Tour of Tapas
  •  Shopping tours
  •  Trying a good sample of horchata
  •  Chocolate con churros
  •  Enjoying a tastypaella
  •  Various trips
  •  Bicycle tours
  •  Horseriding
  •  Beach (if there is one at the selected destination)


Parents and children will take their lessons at the same school, but in different classrooms. They will share the accommodation (family, apartment or hotel) and if they want they can also share their free time.
You can also stay at a SUMMER CAMP where the children will spend the day with kids of their own age in a different environment fromthat enjoyed by their parents. This holiday package is ideal for parents and children since they live together but they will have their own spare time. The cultural activities are different but the family can spend the night together and in the morning the children can return to the summer camp.


You can choose from different types of accommodation.During their sojourn the families can stay in their own shared and fully equipped apartment, located nearby the school, in a hotel or in a hostel, in a flat or with a host family. The host family will prepare a Spanish breakfast every day and/or lunch and dinner.
Please request additional information and we will advise you about the most suitable destination for you according to your needs and preferences. For more information, you can get in contact with us.

ThroughSkype: s4f.esther.fuentes.
Or through our website (directlink to the Email).

Go for it and stay with your family in Spain while you learn Spanish!!