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S4F makes it possible for international students to learn and study Spanish abroad through courses at the University of Salamanca, a matchless destination full of history and prestige in the teaching of Spanish.


The University of Salamanca was founded in 1218; it is Spain’s oldest university and one of the oldest in Europe, along with those of Paris, Oxford and Bologna. It was additionally the first European educational institution to be recognised as a university and, as such, was a model to be followed by most universities in the New World.

The University of Salamanca is renowned for its history, art and decorative motifs and it is regarded as one of Spain’s most beautiful buildings. The curious and connoisseurs alike admire the famous plateresque façade while seeking out a small frog found there which is reported to bring good luck to the students

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Attractive for students

Some of Spanish culture’s most illustrious writers and thinkers have given classes in the University’s lecture rooms. Today this tradition holds strong and the university continues to attract students of all nationalities; it is the 9th European university with the most Erasmus students and the 1st Public University of its size in the number of national students. 

Spanish studies

The University of Salamanca’s prestige has led it to being entrusted with elaborating and correcting the DELE (Diploma of Spanish as a Foreign Language), which is the only official certificate recognised by the Spanish Government and the Cervantes Institute. This exam is held in 50 countries throughout the world.

The university for foreigners is found in an old, fully-restored building in the famous "Patio de Escuelas Menores", or Courtyard of Lower Schools. All the lecture rooms are completely fitted with audio and video. The classes are given by qualified teachers with degrees in Spanish language and well versed in teaching methods. 

University atmosphere

Salamanca is the quintessential university city not only nationally, but also internationally, which is why it is one of the favourite destinations for foreign students who come to our country.

Every night of the week there is a university atmosphere in the streets, bars and clubs. Throughout the year there are parties that are famous all over Spain, such as the University New Year’s Eve. This attracts thousands of visiting students, as does the University Carnival, theme parties and other celebrations that each university organises during the year