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soriano-025Salamanca boasts a highly reputed gastronomy. The delicious, traditionally-made dishes are a perfect marriage of traditional cuisine with the latest tendencies. This is borne out by the local products, which now have a quality seal and Protected Designation of Origin: Iberian ham from Guijuelo, lentils from La Armuña and Morucha beef.

Typical Salamanca dishes

  • Chanfaina: rice with bits of chorizo sausage and meat.
  • Chichas: ground pork with paprika.
  • Roast suckling pig, kid and lamb: these are the most important of the famous roasts from Salamanca.
  • Hornazo: pies filled with pork loin, chorizo, ham and egg.
  • Patatas "meneás": potatoes with fried bacon rashers and paprika
  • Farinato: a pork sausage made with lard, shredded bread, paprika and other spices. 

Typical desserts

  • El bollo maimón: a type of sponge cake.
  • Las perrunillas: a pastry made with butter, flower, sugar, eggs and top-quality almonds.
  • Chochos: anisette-flavoured pastries.
  • Amarguillo: almond biscuits.
  • Los huesillos: finger-shaped pastries 

Going for tapas in Salamanca

What is the meaning of tapear?

Going out for tapas – small dishes of food – is part of the Spanish culture. When we say “Shall we go out for tapas?” we are referring to meeting somebody to have something to eat, accompanied by something to drink. It is an informal way of going out to eat with your friends.

Salamanca is an ideal place to go out for tapas in the late morning, evening or at night. There is always an excuse for going out with friends to grab something to eat and drink. Two of the most popular routes are:


Van Dyck area

  • : here you can find dozens of bars with excellent sausages and cold meats, belly pork, loin of pork, fish and toasted sandwiches. The list is infinite.


Plaza Mayor and surroundings

  • : where you can find both traditional and more sophisticated pinchos, or bar snacks.