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If you wish to take Spanish courses in Spain we offer different types of courses for you. Take advantage of the opportunity to study at the University of Salamanca and choose between intensive classes, summer courses or courses for executives.

Courses at the University of Salamanca  

  • The minimum age required to take any of the courses mentioned is 16 years, except in those courses where other ages are specifically mentioned.
  • S4F -Spanish for foreigners- reserves the right to annul or modify those course options which do not have a sufficient number of students. In this case, the programme would be substituted for a similar option previously agreed on with the student. Likewise, any cultural or extracurricular activity with an insufficient number of students could be cancelled.
  • On the first day of each course students will be required to take a placement test in order to determine their knowledge of the language.
  • If, when registering for a course, the student has chosen a class at a different level and the placement test does not show him or her to be prepared for that level, the student will be assigned to a different class that is appropriate for their level.    
  • There will be no courses on national, regional, or local holidays.
  • Enrollment on any of the programmes implies acceptance of all the conditions mentioned.

Programmes at the University of Salamanca