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We offer two options of student accommodation in Salamanca: a home-stay with Spanish families or student residences at, or associated with, universities. These arrangements will guarantee you a safe place to live without paying any deposit.

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The search for accommodation is one of the main inconveniences which students face. For this reason, S4F – Spanish for Foreigners – helps you with accommodation and gives you security, allowing you to avoid paying deposits or guarantees, as our academic programmes include 1 of the following two accommodation arrangements:

Families or Residences

The student will tell us their preferences and S4F, subject to availability, will try to meet the requests of the students, always in agreement with them



Enjoy daily life with Spanish families, an opportunity which others visiting the country don’t have! The S4F families are always well located in relation to the university or to public transport.  

Living in a family is a unique experience, as much on a cultural level as on a personal experience level, because you are able to experience Spanish customs first hand. Remember that for an experience to be positive it’s necessary to be flexible. With this in mind, you can become an authentic Spaniard! 

What does staying with a family include?

Double shared room. If the student wants an individual room, they will have to pay a supplement (xxxx)

Full board. Three meals a day

Laundry. Once a week your clothes will be washed and ironed (a full load of white and another of coloureds).


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Residences at or associated with universities

This is the recommended option for those who want more independence. Spanish students who attend the University of Salamanca are normally staying in the residences, although there can also been other foreign students staying there. The S4F residences generally have excellent facilities, but you must take into account that not all residences are the same, and specific questions can be raised once you have been assigned your residence.

What does staying in a residence include?

Shared double room. The student will share a room and a bathroom with other students. If the student wants a single room they will have to pay a supplement (xxxx)

Full board: Three meals a day. Meals will not be included during the holidays and festival days.

Towels are not included, each student must bring their own.

Laundry. Clothes washed once a week.


If you would like other alternatives (apartments, hotels) we will adapt to your needs. Consult our accommodation options and we will give you a quote