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What do the academic courses at the University of Salamanca or the DELE at the Private School include? 

Spanish course at the University of Salamanca or Spanish Schools


24-hour Assistance Service

Students will have personnel available for telephone assistance 24 hour a day during their stay. They will be given the telephone number once they have arrived in Salamanca.


Providing you arrive on the date specified in our programmes, the transport service will collect you at the Madrid Barajas Airport and take you to your destination city. At the end of the programme you will be taken back to the Madrid Airport.


Choosing where to stay is an important part of your experience and one of the most complex things to do. To this end, S4F provides you with a choice between: Families, Residences, Flats.... Each of you will tell us your preference and S4F, depending on availability, will strive to fulfill your requests by consent with each student.


Cultural Activities

All the S4F programmes are complimented with cultural, artistic, sport and leisure activities.

Assistance Personnel at Destination

S4F will provide you with help during your entire stay. We will help you to organise the trip schedule, weekly meetings, your cultural activities and many other things. Our personnel at the destination are completely qualified to assure your well-being and to make your experience as satisfactory as possible.


The head of the S4F programmes will be available to help you with any grammar, pronunciation or cultural questions that may arise during the tutorials that you have previously scheduled.              

S4F Office and Guidance

S4F’s offices will serve as a meeting point, while also being a place where you can go for support should you need to clear up any questions that may arise during your stay in Salamanca. In addition, the head of the S4F programmes will be fully informed of your programme and you will be given continuous guidance when needed. They will have detailed knowledge on your class timetables, trips and extracurricular activitiesÂ…  

Didactic material

S4F will give you all the learning didactic material you need to do the course.               

Computers and Internet Access

You will have use of Computers and free access to the Internet at our local office, as well as a computer room at the host university.