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Best Cities to learn Spanish in Spain

Learn spanish in spain



  • It is known as the city of Spanish.
  • It is one of Europe’s most beautiful cities.
  • It is situated in the area of Spain where the Spanish language originated: Castile.
  • The city is home to one of Europe’s oldest universities, especially focused on arts and languages.
  • The inhabitants of Salamanca speak the purest Spanish - Castilian.
  • Salamanca is not only beautiful, but very safe and very well maintained.

Salamanca, a small city of 165,000 inhabitants, is home of some of the most impressive architecture in Spain, and yet it remains a lively and dynamic community. The city is characterized by its unique yellow stone façades which fill the streets with color and light. The diverse architectural styles of its cloisters, churches and Renaissance palaces blend together in the streets and plazas of the old town. The striking engravings which characterize the Romanesque and Gothic cathedrals, the House of Shells, and the façade of the university all reflect Salamanca’s historical importance, proving it worthy of its prestigious title given by UNESCO as a “Mankind Heritage Monument”.


Madrid, capital de España, is a cosmopolitan town which combines modern buildings as an economic, financial, administrative and services hub with an incredibly rich cultural and artistic heritage, legacy of centuries of a fascinating history.

Madrid is the third most populated city in the European continent, home of  numerous international bodies and it is considered the tenth city with the highest quality life in the world.

Madrid is no doubt a wonderful town.  It offers you the possibility to spend some exciting days, no matter what your interests are.

In addition, you can also visit typical venues such as the Puerta del Sol, the Playa Mayor, the Fuente de Cibeles or the Royal Palace. All of them


Valencia, the land of flowers and fallas, is one of the main cities of Spain, and one of the liveliest. It is situated on the Mediterranean coastline and you can find beaches within minutes from the heart of the city.

Important international fairs confirm that Valencia is one of the more dynamic cities of Spain.

The most famous Spanish dish was born in Valencia, Paella Valenciana.
It is also renowned for its Fallas, amazing festival full of light and fire which is really impressive.

Valencia is also the town where the Cid, a national hero, fought against the Moors  during the Reconquista period.


Barcelona has become one of the most visited cities in Spain which knows how to please everyone: it is one of the most ancient European towns.

The variety of its artistic treasures, its Romanic churches and the big names of modern art and architecture, such as Dalí, Gaudí, Miró, Picasso, makes it a unique city in Europe.

Barcelona, situated between the sea and the mountains, has found a formidable balance: between tradition and avant-garde, Barcelona has a reputation as being the most cosmopolitan, trend-setting and modern town of Spain, which undertook a huge revitalization for the Olympic Games in 1992.